The Clemson Dubcast

”Pete” from Message Board Geniuses

December 1, 2021

He's an attorney who has amassed 34,600 followers on Twitter for scouring message boards and screen-capping the bizarre, inane and crazy things said by college football fans.

He has a wife and two daughters, and his family has no clue about the Twitter side project called Message Board Geniuses (@BoardGeniuses).

"They just think I'm on my phone doing something," he said.

He prefers being anonymous, so he went by the name "Pete" during this interview. He said he attended college at Utah State and at the time wondered by fans were so irrational on message boards.

Then "Pete" started looking at message board for other schools across the country and discovered there's crazy stuff everywhere posted by people who are obsessively following a sport.

"It's literally the same type of people on every message board," he said. "You have this contingent of people who are always negative no matter what happens. And then on the other side you have this contingent of people who get offended by the slightest bit of negativity. And they're always fighting with each other. No fan base is really less reasonable or rational than anybody else's."

The profile picture for Pete's feed says #FireEverybody. He's in front of his television on most fall Saturdays, and he knows a meltdown on the field is going to quickly be followed by one on that team's message boards.

"I get a kick out of it," he said. "It's funny. I hope people understand it's all in good fun to see some of the crazy stuff that's out there, and appreciate it and laugh at it. I do quite a bit."


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